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Opera Electronic Service Company, is a group of young people, working as a team using the newest tools and Technology, with a various experience and knowledge in the field of web design, graphics and media.
Opera- esc, exist in the city of nablus in Palestine and it was established in the early year of 2003.
 We had successfully did a various projects, throw the lines of this web site, you will discover more about us and our way of working.


In the beginning, the Web was simple, there was only one browser for viewing web pages, and it ran exclusively on the Unix platform.


Our firm aims to provide quality hosting services at affordable prices to individuals and kind businesses all over the world. Our plans are


Palestinian Insurance Fediration, The site is to provide information about the insurance sector in Palestine.,

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HORDE is fairly self-explanatory. The text below describes the main buttons in Horde and what they do. This is provided as a summary reference, and not a detailed description of how to use it.

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